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I am a mixed media visual artist with my main inspiration being Hawaii. My husband is from Oahu and moved us there in 2010. My inspiration grew and I painted a mural in our first studio we rented. I was always artistic but being surrounded by such beauty I began painting more seriously. I was commissioned to paint a couple of murals and window paintings. Although I loved Island life Honolulu can sometimes feel like a mini Los Angeles where I grew up. In 2012 we decided on the Big Island - literally flipped a coin between Kona and Hilo. Hilo It was and that is where my life as an artist began. My art and inspiration EXPLODED. We rented a room out of an old hotel and had the most panoramic views of whales, Mauna Kea, and turtles . Every morning started with a walk to the bay watching sea life swim right up to me. Rainbows, volcanic rocks you name it, all in my backyard. I made friends with the Hawaiian people and instantly grew attached to their culture. I am called "tita" sister. The Big Island is one big Ohana (family). In January I was introduced to Mark Hanna from the Kona Wyland Ocean front gallery.He has become my friend and mentor. He invited me to take part in a group show that June called the Best of the West - celebrated artists from around the Big Island. That showing single handedly changed me from being an aspiring artist to recognizing myself as an actual artist.


In 2014 Timo and I rented a 2 bedroom house on the Homokua Coast. The views were incredible. Ocean views and almost daily whale watching. Geckoes hiding in the leaves of our lanai, beautiful flowers and fruit trees. We made a fire pit in our front yard and would star gaze at night around the fire. Not much could be better. Within a couple of months things turned for the worst. I began feeling lethargic- I remember calling my mom telling her I could not get of my couch. Then I started feeling nauseous and dizzy. I contacted an eye infection that lasted 3 months. I knew something was wrong when I forgot where I was going and started passing out. All of this happened quickly. I was scheduled to have my second showing at the Wyland Gallery. I called Mark and told him I didn’t think I was going to make it. I will never forget that phone call. He said "absolutely not- I will not take no for an answer get yourself well and if need be, I will hang your in progress paintings". That week I entered Hilo Medical Center.


The hospital stay was for 1 month. After several rounds of steroids, spinal taps, MRI’s, and Brain Scans I almost died in the hospital when my blood pressure bottomed out. Hour on the Hour they monitored me unable to give anything for the pain. I was released 3 days before my Exhibit with a puffy face, a mold rash all over my body and in a wheelchair. I had totally lost my ability to walk. I cried and cried because of all the treatments I started losing my hair in handfuls. My mom came to help me for 10 days and to support my husband who had sadly become my caretaker. It was an adjustment to need help with showers and getting dressed. Because there was limited treatment available Timo made the decision to bring me back to Southern California to get help from a specialist. Truthfully I left kicking and screaming. I felt like a part of me was dying leaving my home, leaving such a beautiful culture, leaving everything I fell in love with.


I started a painting called Under the Sea in Hilo. I kept it hung on my wall and told myself one day I will be able to finish it. Its been a year now, I am walking on my own and getting better. And I did finish that painting. Its hung on my wall as a reminder that now begins the journey of hope and healing. It a symbol of overcoming and a challenge to live Aloha.


May this year you be inspired, you live your dreams, you don’t take no for answer. May you find hope and healing for things that keep your feet on the ground instead of your heart in the clouds.


Much Love and Aloha,





Timo grew up in, Honolulu, Hawaii. At an early age his mother would encourage him to sing, mostly with gospel choirs on Sunday morning tele-evangelist shows..At the age of six, he got accepted into the Honolulu Boys Choir. This influence gave him not only inspiration but a comprehensive understanding of music and shaped his passion for music.


In high school he sang a song he wrote for a contest called "Brown Bags to Stardom" and won the contest for his school and was able to participate in the Finals at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. He got to perform for 6,000 people.


Once in college at the University of Hawaii, Timo began playing with various music groups until he met some fellow college students who had the same desire to make great music, and to do it on a professional level. They began playing local college shows and competitions. They were winners of the first battle of the bands they played. This band underwent a metamorphosis until they stopped playing local college shows and started playing places like the Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu, The Wave Waikiki and many other venues in and around the Island of Oahu playing both covers and originals. They started to generate local interest on the Island, having songs featured on local Rock Radio. Later Timo ventured to Southern California to further his career in music.


California was a big step for Timo. It was like jumping from a pond into an ocean. There was so many new experiences and more opportunities for personal and professional gain. Timo spear headed a project that allowed him to play venues like the Hard Rock Cafe and the House of Blues in both Anaheim and Hollywood. He even had the chance to play the Anaheim Convention Center in front of 5000 people.


After all of this Timo and his wife moved back to the island to reconnect with the environment that shaped him. They decided to spend some time in Hawaii helping his wife get her art career off the ground. What they did not expect to happen was for Kristy, his wife to get very sick. Kristy suffered the effects of mold exposure at their residence on the big island of Hawaii and almost died in the hospital. Timo pushed his wife around in a wheel chair for 5 months. After months of trying to get Kristy the help she needed in Hawaii they finally returned to California to get Kristy the treatment she needed.


Kristy is now on the road to recovery, she can walk without the aid of a walker or wheel chair and her art is getting off the ground in California. Timo has been playing locally at the Pint House in Fullerton 2 to three times a month, plus various venues in the Southern California area. He has a great command of the crowd and plays great covers and originals from the Beatles to many of the 90's bands like Pearl Jam. He plays both solo acoustic sets to full band rock sets.To listen to the songs visit


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