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Get out your Big Boy Floaties

We took the plunge today, okay not really we did that 6 years ago. But we did enter the deep waters of controversy surrounding the new hit movie NOAH in theaters now. And we HONESTLY Flooded the air waves with our opinion and the opnion of others. We also talked about why Atheists are obsessed with the Bible and why the creators of "A Theif in the Night" should be drowning in their own sea of misery and not subjecting children to it. If you missed tonights Episode you can watch it here.
If you see that the channel is password protected its because it needs your hot little fingers to subscribe to watch. Don't worry there is a FREE plan. But remember if you pay for a subscription proceeds help chairites like No Child Hungry, the Surfriders Foundation and the Sheepfold Shelter. 
Much Aloha, 
DIVE into Happiness :) (wink)

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