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EYE of the TIGER...Kris 1 Timo 0

On Timo Tunes Thursday we talked about Metal Music being assocaited with low self esteem. Yours truly asked for an apology from all musicians that play screamo/hardcore music. Then we got into an argument on air about Timo being WRONG. Do you know how much I love to write that.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, NO SEX, NO SEX, NO SEX...haha. I'll give you a preview, Eye of the tiger is to ROCKY as the one legged swan shaking puny little guy is  to Karate Kid. So click here to watch him be so WRONG, there's no making it right :)
P.S. WATCH THE ARM DANCE I Gaurantee you'll Pee yourself
Timo Tunes Eye of the Tiger

Tags: KrisT, marriage, funny, Rocky, Karate Kid, sex

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