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I'ld buy that for a Dollar...

The dollar, the sacred dollar. The germy, nasty dollar. But let’s think about what dollars buy…But thats not all, dollars by DREAMS. Seriously dreams. So the next time you are at the dollar store, at Wendy’s or fetching a

dollar from your pocket to buy an ice cream from the happy man with the irriating music that gets stuck in your head and gives you nightmares…

Think that one of the those dollars pays for artists of every genre from cooking, to art, to music, to fashion, to news, to public speaking to be HEARD in front of a global audience.  You pay for their shot, maybe the only shot they’ll get. So consider it and then when it becomes a no brainer, subscribe to Arms of Audio and watch your dollar make smiles and happy tears…
The link below will take you to Dream Factory. :)

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