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Aloha Friday Recap

I am sitting at Starbucks drinking an Iced Coffee watching the rain pour, trying to catch my breath from the last week on Arms of Audio. I decided on the coffee shop because my dishes are piled high, along with laundry and all the other typical house stuff has had to be totally neglected given the HIGH INTENSITY of our broadcast this week. So let me recap...

Religious Sundays

Sunday was "Easter" and the show was awesome and a little unconventional as we told you are faithful fans how Easter got started and then we had a bit of tif on whos creepier Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. Check it out and leave your comments :)

Kooking with KrisT

This was the best BY FAR EVER Kooking with KrisT. Why? Because Diane Worthington was my guest. Don't know her? Here is the short version. Long considered an expert on California and contemporary American cuisine, Diane Rossen Worthington is the author of 20 cookbooks, an award-winning radio show host, food and travel writer, nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services, former Editor-in-Chief of and food consultant.

She has appeared frequently as a media food expert on television and radio shows, including The Today Show, Fox and Friends, The Television Food Network, CNN, and NPR. She twice won the prestigious International James Beard Award for “California Foods with Diane Worthington,” the talk show she hosted which aired every Saturday morning on KABC Radio in Los Angeles. Diane Rossen Worthington lives in Los Angeles, California.
So her and I had a conversation at my kitchen table and she let me in on her world of cooking, writing, touring and just being awesome. Then I made her Roasted Aparagus with Hazelnut Viniagrette. Mouthwatering Yumminess. For the record I have made it twice this week :) Let me know what you want me to make.

Timo Tunes Thursday

Timo Tunes Thursday always Rawks. But given so much hype in the Indie World we decided to let you in on the Best of Best Bands we have featured on A of A. Now not only do bands get a platform to Be Heard for the night in front of a global audience BUT now there is an Indie Best of Album in the works called BE HERD and the chance to get them played in rotation in connection with Planet Freeze Radio. Not much else to say other than a LOUD SHOUT OUT to Chudi James, Goldie, Seven Days Away, Lady M and Dr. Freeze. If you are a Band or Singer Songerwriter and want to get involved submit your original tunes to us. 

So I am going to get a refill and watch again just to work out my smile muscles :) We love your feedback. We love you. Happy Aloha Friday. See you Sunday.


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