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The Perception of a Masterpiece

Okay. So Arms of Audio is coming back and its been a while. A long while. I have been an official couch loafer. Because of my illness my perception changed. I couldn't see depth and as an artist seeing FLAT makes creating something awesome almost impossible. But I took that and applied to my own life. Perception is key. I will not preach to see that glass half full- I prefer mine empty so I can refill it, because friends Wine is way better than water. I realized this whole time, while I was creating beauty, my perception on art needed an overhaul.
Every one of us is a living, breathing work of art. We are not done, but layers are what create depth. I strive to be real. Opposite colors are complimentary, that means a little bit of hardship creates harmony, intense color and beauty. Shading is absolutely necessary to make things come alive so a little bit of darkness brings out the light. And White- its every color combined. Its what accents our hearts. So I dare take a selfie and be proud of YOU the masterpiece. Everything has made you awesome and unique. There is only one of you. Not only are your fingerprints all your own, so is your story. 

Flower Dreams photo IMG_0237.jpg Today celebrate you, think about what makes you a piece of art thats living and breathing and not just hanging on a wall. Tell me your story. And I will tell you mind. Be Inspired Aloha Nui Loa, KrisT

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