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We would like to extend our warmed gratitude to Taylor Swift for opening some eyes of late. But your eyes need to opened just a little further. We have personal friends that have had 1/2 million sales on ITUNES and saw nothing. Thats right nothing. Because its not just about ITUNES taking the profit away from starving artists, its anyone involved in your project. 5 years ago the goal was to work with promoters and distributors who had ITUNES accounts. They had "connections" wrote handy contracts kind of the terms and conditions no body really reads on craigslist or any major website. The artist starts playing out more and then the waiting happens. The quarterly sales report letting you know the amount your check will read.  When you read your paycheck for under 10 dollars you wonder how thats even possible. I am not saying nobody should get paid for helping an artist out but for goodness sakes, why should the creative process get shoved down the drain along with their profits. And the truth is the average consumer has no idea how much the artist is getting jipped. Thats were FREE THE ARTS come in. We have developed bracelets with QR codes to bypass the money grubbers and pay the artist what they deserve. After all you don't go to a concert for the booze you go because some serious talent is sharing their heart , their passion the very essence of them. If you want to be part of the movement I encourage you to preorder your bracelet now. FREE THE ARTS. Be a part of something that brings the Entrepreneur out in all of us. Support small business. But most of all support Talent.  There is a button on our website that says KrisTs get well fund. donate what you can to FREE THE ARTS and we will send you a bracelet within 3 weeks. We hope you join the movement. And if you are a musician or artist and want to know how to get started. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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