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What do you get when you mix random facts and jacuzzi's?

Hi Friends,
I pose this question with the 600+ views I had on Periscope yesterday- what is more interesting...Random facts like a child can swim through the veins of a blue whale or a girl saying the random fact in the jacuzzi? I think the latest fad of insta-broadcast is mildly addicting even more than a date night full of YOUTUBE! And as with both you get your typical stupids, pervs and straight up annoying but at the end of the day haven't we the people decided that killing brain cells is the thing to do? I concur, I pledge to get my stupid sexy on and shout from the rooftops more random, more brainless more facts on this ride of life. Oh and I may consider building a stairway to Jupiter as it rains diamonds and we all know- diamonds are a girls best friend. So please comment with your random facts so I can share them on Arms of Audio!
As Always,
Live Aloha,
xoxox KrisT

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