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She's got legs...

So we just finished filming Episode 3 of Arms of Audio Season 2 and after much thought we decided to show off a little bit of leg, mine not his.  I had a melt down after a shaving session that took an hour and don't tell him, but I used his razor. Then I was the typical girl and now 97 % of my wardrobe is on the floor in all rooms of the house. And finally we had an intelligent conversation about things like hashtags and weed. If thats not enough to make you watch tonights episode, I worry. The real question is... Does Blue bring out Timo's eyes? Let me know,

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4 More Days...

Thats right in 4 days Season 2 Begins....
For Good Luck now- Share this with 4 people and within 4 minutes $400 will randomly appear in your bank account. If you don't you will have 4 consecutive nightmares about Timo coming into your room wearing nothing butt a g-string. 
SUNDAY 6:30pm PT 9:30pm ET  

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